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Adult Pop Sex Quiz

1) What month do more Americans lose their virginity ?

a) December
b) August
c) June
d) April

2) What percentage of woman over 80 still have intercourse ?

a) 30
b) 40
c) 20

3) In what state is it illegal to have sex without a condom ?

a) Ohio
b) Pennsylvania
c) Nevada
d) California

4) Most woman are more likely to want sex when they're ________

a) Horny
b) Stimulated
c) Ovulating
d) Breast Feeding

5) Adults on average, have sex how many times a year?

a) 37 Times
b) 48 Times
c) 61 Times
d) 78 Times

6) The average American woman has sexual intercourse how many times a year?

a) 54
b) 120
c) 87
d) 16

7) Those attracted to pornography are generally psychologically sick ?

a) True
b) False

8) What is the average speed of a male ejaculation?

a) 17 Mph
b) 28 Mph
c) 40 Mph
d) 5 Mph

9) According to a survey of sex shop owners,what is the most

popular flavor of edible underwear ?

a) Chocolate
b) Vanilla
c) Cherry
d) Strawberry

10) In what country are condoms sold door to door ?

a) China
b) Japan
c) Mexico


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